Is it possible to look ten years younger? Yes, there’s definitely an instant way.

As we get older, our skin becomes thinner and drier. Creases and lines easily show when we are smiling, frowning or laughing. Our skin becomes less flexible and does not spring back easily. As a result, wrinkles add some years to our age. That’s definitely a huge problem, right? So, what if there’s definitely some ways to look younger?

Here are some treatments you can include in your options if you want to look younger.

  1. Dermabrasion. This is a surgical method wherein the upper layers of the skin are removed to reduce wrinkles. This procedure includes abrasion of dead skin to lessen the showing of lines. To fully see the results, you may have to wait after a few sessions. However, this method may also cause some scabbing, swelling or changes in the skin complexion.
  2. Botox. Cosmetic professionals inject doses of Botox into the targeted muscles. This toxin blocks the signals from the brain that causes the muscles to contract. Moreover, this procedure can decrease the lines on the forehead or around the eyes. The results can last for about 3-4 months which is one of the reasons why people keep on getting injections regularly.
  3. Chemical Peels. Chemical peel is applied to desired areas where the dead skin will shed and eventually peel off. After the peel, you can expect your skin to feel smoother and younger than your old skin. This method can reduce wrinkles and minimize hyperpigmentation. However, if you are expecting to treat deep wrinkles and scars, chemical peels cannot take them away.

The results of the treatments above still depend on several factors, such as the depth of the wrinkles and regularity of the procedures. Therefore, you may have to be consistent in getting these treatments if you are serious about looking younger.

Vikki Lamotta’s Wonderlift Serum with Peptides

However, if you are looking for an instant solution to those fine lines and creases, there are available products in the market. These products are called face-lift serums which offer the same result as rhytidectomy, a beauty surgery. These types of serums do not only serve you the best instant results, but they prevent you from going under the knife and taking lengthy healing periods. Their advanced technology eliminates the wrinkles on your face and makes you look ten years younger.

If you wanna look younger than your age, you should definitely consider a facelift without the surgery!

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