Why You Need Protein For Your Skin

Your skin is made up of elastin fibers which are formed from proteins. Therefore, proteins are the building blocks of your skin. Even your hair and nails are made of protein. In order to preserve their health, it is crucial that you consume enough proteins from your diet.

Here are some reasons that will make you believe that protein will make you look younger, not bigger.

1. Proteins are for structural support.

Since protein is a repairing agent, it gives your skin strength through the elastin and collagen fibers. While keratin can keep the skin firm, proteins such as collagen and elastin actually smoothens the skin. While you are still young, your collagen production is still at its peak; thus, the firm and smooth skin. However, as you grow older, your body cannot anymore produce the same amount of collagen – resulting in the sagging of your face, appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

On the other hand, consuming food rich in protein can boost collagen production and make you look young-looking. At the same time, you are keeping the signs of aging at bay.


2. Protein provides hydration.

Dry and flaky skin is commonly caused by lack of moisture. Winter can be chilly, but it can also be really drying. More than that, this type of skin is also caused by the lack of protein. Oils can provide a temporary solution, but it is important to cure the problem from within.

Incorporating protein and omega-3 fatty acids into your diet can help you a lot in bringing back the moisture in your skin. It shall aid you in keeping your skin hydrated and reduce any signs of aging.

3. Proteins protect your skin from aging.

One of the worst skincare nightmares is free radical damage. Free radicals can cause collagen breakdown which can result in saggy skin with wrinkles and fine lines. You can protect yourself from this damage by increasing the presence of amino acids on your skin.

Good thing about protein production is that there is an option to use skincare products that are full of collagen and elastin. Unlike food, collagen-rich products can easily access the skin and provide remedies to prevent more wrinkles and fine lines. Moreover, they also provide hydration and nourishment, keeping the skin glowing.

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